To the ends of the earth…and back!

Sunsets and Sunrises

As the sun sets upon  New York City, the dawning of a new chapter in Tanzania is just about to begin…

Africa 864

In the midst of finishing my full-time job (last day is Sept 4), moving out of my apartment and receiving two of the three much-needed rabies vaccinations each at $200–and I thought the pricking of the needles was when it hurt!–I have unsuccessfully managed to dodge some separation anxiety!

Anyway, PLEASE do not forget: There will be a series of upcoming fundraisers and presentations where you can not only learn about the work the team and I completed in July, as well as the upcoming projects we hope to begin upon my return. Also, you will have the opportunity to donate to these future projects or contribute to my personal expenses.

If you would like any information about the events, please email me:

1.    Sunday: September 5 Rochester, NY

2.    Wednesday: September 9 New York, NY–Bar Night

3.    Saturday: September 12 New York, N–Mini-presentation/pot-luck dinner

4.    Sunday: September 13 New York, NY–Mini-presentation/lunch

5.    Sunday, September 20 Middletown, NJ–Presentation at Westminster Presbyterian Church


To read the details of our July 2009 trip, please visit:

To donate directly to Journeys of Solutions, (please designate donations to “Shalom Orphanage” in the notes section):


Asante sana!


1287 410

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