To the ends of the earth…and back!

Hakuna Matata

Last night’s Bar Night was a fantastic success!


Thanks again to all who made it out! I must apologize if you were confused in finding the place–a movie was being filmed so the name was changed to “Maddy’s” for the evening. Coincidentally, this detail resulted in quite a generous donation from newly-found friends! In just a few hours, we raised $715.00 and received a pledge of an additional $500.00, bringing us to an incredible $1,215.00 : D

YES, $1,215.00!

:: applause ::

Important Notes:

1. If you attended last night and want a tax deductible letter for your donation, PLEASE email me ASAP! 

2. Shoot me an email is you have any questions or want more information on Journeys Of Solutions or Shalom Orphanage Center. (

2. Donations are continually accepted so if you missed us last night, worry not! No gift is too large or too small! Donate directly via paypal (http://www.journeysofsol and note “Shalom Orphanage/E.Kallop” in the memo or mail a check to JOS; mailing address also found through link.

Thank you again for mucho ❤


One response

  1. Judy Stachowski

    I’m so glad that I got to meet you, after hearing Julia’s stories about her time with you at the orphanage. Good luck with your fund-raising and have a fabulous 3 months in Tanzania!

    12/09/2009 at 21:36

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