To the ends of the earth…and back!

Tea with the Queen…

Hello friends…or perhaps I should write ‘ello chaps!

As I sit in Heathrow sipping my tea and eating some Walkers biscuits (how I fancy them. FYI, they now offer fair trade chocolate chip), I have completed the first of four legs* of my journey to Shalom Orphanage. I am not sure it has quite registered yet that I will be living in Africa for three months and I know it may sound odd, but truly, I am serious! One would think the three checked bags plus a bursting back pack and guitar case all with my name upon the luggage tags would suggest to my delicate self that I’m on a long journey!

*I will be taking off in another hour or so, headed to Nairobi where I will stay over night before taking a shuttle ride from Nairobi to Arusha, Tanzania. Note: I took the same shuttle drive during my July trip and let me tell you, it indeed gives an ENTIRE new meaning to the term “off road”. Ah, adventure. Perhaps in these moments it might finally register that my home will be Tanzania until December 19. From Arusha I have another two hours through some beautiful landscapes of Tanzania en route to the orphanage. I’m just out of breath typing it! Alas, still pretty!

Anyway, this past week, Shalom had two volunteers through Journeys Of Solutions working to continue with our projects so I am excited to see and learn about all they have done. Worry not, I’ll send you the updates! Unfortunately we’ll only have about a half day of work together as the two ladies will be leaving Thursday afternoon to return to the States.

An update: In speaking with some of you within the past few days, there has been a lot more interest in sponsoring children of Shalom to attend the local English-speaking school and thus enabling them to really have a chance at a promising future. Since Shalom is located between two huge tourist spots, the ability to speak English will truly enable them to a) get a job working with one of the touring/safari companies b) further their education and attend a University outside of Tanzania, should they choose this route. Sadly, because of Tanzania’s adoption laws, which state that non-Tanzanian residents cannot adopt children, the likelihood of any of the 53 orphans being adopted is pretty slim. Of course if I choose to live there for two years that might change, though this is an entirely different conversation. Apologies, I digress.  Anyway, once I get settled and over jet lag, I’m going to head over to the school and find out details for sponsoring a child yearly. Your gift can go through Journeys Of Solutions so we ensure the money gets to the school’s account to pay for the enrolled child.   If you are interested in this, please do email me and I’ll forward you details as well as a photo of a child in need.

Well thanks for reading and for sending the ❤ over to Tanzania, I am so grateful!

Finally a reminder: if you would like to receive weekly updates whilst I’m in Tanzania, please email me,, to be added to the list!

I encourage you to go watch Lion King, learn some Swahili and get inspired!

Simba= lion

Hakuna Matata: No Worries (who’d have thought?!)

Rafiki: friend

If you’re really up for the challenge, email me and let me know what the opening to “Circle of Life” says…I’ll consult some of my 45 or so translators, as some of still too young to speak.


2 responses

  1. rat lowen

    Be safe, be smart, be the wonderful person you are. Miss you sooo much. The basement is calling your name when you return.

    23/09/2009 at 08:43

  2. rebecca

    Hi Liz! It’s great fun reading about your exciting adventures in Tanzania! I will have to live vicariously through you so update often please! ALSO, you’re thinking of adopting?! If you’re staying for 2 years, I will just HAVE to come visit you, and stay.

    29/09/2009 at 15:47

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