To the ends of the earth…and back!

Child Sponsorship Program

Dear Friends,


After a second meeting with Tumaini, please be advised we are revising the numbers for our Child Sponsorship Program.


Please check back for the updated figures.


Apologies for any confusion. Please email with questions!


Thank you for your continued support.


One response

  1. Barbara Burns

    It brought sadness to my heart as well as fond memories as i read through your blog – wish I was there. You have accomplished sooo much in the last couple months. I do not know if you got my previous E-mail. my son gave me a lap-top and a I am trying to learn how to use it. I was so pleased to receive the letter a couple weeks ago. Roseanna looks so happy in the picture. If all goes well I plan on coming to Shalom next September. My warmest regards to all and a special hug to Roseanna.

    15/11/2009 at 23:31

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