To the ends of the earth…and back!

The delicate flower is going back to Africa // Upcoming Fundraiser!

Jambo friends!

I am in the throes of applying for my visa and purchasing bug spray (fingers crossed I do not get malaria again!) for my return trip to Tanzania and could not be more excited! It is hard to believe seven months have passed since I departed from the dusty paradise that is Karatu, Tanzania. Please note, rather than the initial plan to stay for one year, I will return for a shorter stay of just ten weeks. I leave from the lovely JFK on August 2 to arrive in Tanzania on August 3…watch out Africa!

As you may recall, during my stay last Fall in Tanzania, we created a Child Sponsorship Program through which we enroll some of the orphan children at the local English-medium school, Tumaini Junior School. JOS is working hard to expand and further develop the very vital Child Sponsorship Program. During my upcoming stay, I will be meeting with some international non-profits that work on the ground to help Tanzania’s children and look forward to learning from those committed to Tanzania’s future!

Moving forward, JOS will be partnering with Tumaini Junior School and the Tanzania Education Corporation, a US-based 501 (c) 3 to further help the children. To date, we have enrolled seven children in the CSP. Though Tumaini is a short walk from Shalom, the “Tumaini 7”, board at the school in order to take full advantage of the all-English atmosphere, as well as to alleviate some of the strain of caring for 51 children at Shalom. That said, the children visit home the last Saturday of every month and return to Shalom for a month between trimesters. Currently, the Tumaini 7 are finishing up their second trimester and have garnered much praise from their teachers, as hardworking and responsible students. Five of the students are in Standard 4, so in addition to their normal lessons, they receive two weeks of extra tutoring during holidays in order to prep for the Standard 4 National Examination.

Thank you for your continued support of Journeys of Solutions’ work! Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions! ( We have updated our website,, so please feel free to peruse and read more about the developments.

As always, you may donate directly to JOS’ Child Sponsorship Program by clicking this link:
*Please note “CSP” in the memo so we know how to designate your gift!
Wednesday, July 21 @ Rodeo Bar
375 3rd Avenue (at 27th street)
$15 donation at the door
$5 margaritas
$3 draft beer
All monies will go towards the Child Sponsorship Program in order to further assist the children.
Gitty up!

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