To the ends of the earth…and back!

Thank you!

Howdy partners!

A special thank you to all the cowboys and cowgirls who joined us last night at Rodeo Bar for the fundraiser to benefit Journeys of Solutions!

Drum roll please……………..

We raised a whopping $2,078.00!!!!* All of these monies will go directly to the Child Sponsorship Program! Thank you for making the event such a success!

Shout -Outs to:

Rodeo Bar for generously allowing us to use the space, free of charge AND for giving us drink special. Highly recommend their space! We had the loft space completely to ourselves while enjoying the live music from downstairs…and a few chips with guac along the way!

Jess for finding/booking the space and bringing a huge group of friends

Karen for bringing half (or was it all?) of her Ecological co-workers–way to rock out!

Samara for acting as a walking billboard, with a poster for the event on her back at the bottom of the steps

Cathy, Marissa and John working on crowd control

Logan and Fi for encouraging people unaffiliated with our event to join the cause and helping with fliers : )

Sam and Laser for being the first two to the event…and among the last to leave. Talk about commitment.

Friends from Trinity Grace Church, way to represent!

Now before the academy starts to play music while I continue naming names…Everyone else,  thanks for being your super fab selves!

*If you donated last night and have not previously specified that you would like a tax exempt letter, PLEASE email me and I will send one your way:
asante sana : )

(“thank you very much” in kiswahili)

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