To the ends of the earth…and back!

Birthday Celebrations!

Did you know that young people who have completed primary education are less than half as likely to contract HIV as those missing an education?  (OXFAM)


To celebrate my 26th birthday on 10 November, I invite you to join me in helping to send Tanzanian children to English school through Journeys of Solutions’ Child Sponsorship Program.

Since its creation in October 2009, the CSP has enrolled 8 orphaned children at the private, English-medium school, Tumaini Junior School. Through donating $26 (or more!), you can help to enroll additional deserving children, so they too can benefit from the priceless gift of knowledge.

FACT: The cost to board, per child, per year is $1,750.00 USD. The costs include: $1,250.00 for boarding/living expenses, medical care, uniforms, and school trips. The additional $500.00 goes towards extra tutoring and other incidental costs and boarding needs, as well as school maintenance fees.

FACT: Prior to enrollment in the CSP, the children attend the local government school where the student teacher ratio is roughly 55:1, compared to Tumaini’s 25:1.

To donate directly, please follow this link:

*Please note “Happy Birthday Elizabeth” in the memo

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