To the ends of the earth…and back!

Baby Got Back

I learned last year that to be told you look “strong” is really just a euphemism for “Baby got back”, “Home girl, you like your food, don’t you?!” or perhaps you’ll even be told you look fat. Forget euphemistic!

Contrary to the NYC life to which I’ve grown accustomed [though haven’t quite embraced, thank you hips] one that is obsessed with thin, thinner and way thin, to have some meat on you here is often considered more beautiful.

Well, yesterday I wore a floor length striped dress that I suppose did the trick, for throughout the day, I received compliments. These comments though, were different from those I’d heard in years past. For example, one friend approached saying, “Where’s your tumbo (“stomach”)? When you were in the US you got thin. In Tanzania you were fat before.”

We both shared a laugh…then I used a choice restroom with the below photo showing…hello


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