To the ends of the earth…and back!

Students helping students!

I am always so inspired by students helping other students.

Over the course of my two years expanding the Child Sponsorship Program (CSP), I have come across quite a few students who have shown great interest and enthusiasm in joining us!

Here are three incredible stories:

1. Livonia Middle School students created beautiful posters for the Tumaini classrooms. From animal and plant cells to the human body, numbers and colors (to name but a few!), the posters were amazing. And, mind you, quite a few were in English, Kiswahili and French–the three languages the children learn at Tumaini! Here is a photo of some posters and Head Teacher Allan quizzing some of the younger children!



2. Several months ago I was asked to speak to a youth group near to my hometown. The teens were thrilled to learn more about our work being done in Tanzania. They were motivated to become involved. I’m so excited to see how they decide to partner with us! Here’s a photo of my delicate self with the student liaison, Kelsey.


3. Last year, I was contacted by a high school Key Club group near my hometown with the exciting news they wished to sponsor a child’s education! Since that day last December, the students’ commitment and energy has blown me away! Through several Spaghetti Dinners among other smaller fundraising initiatives, the students have raised more than $3,000.00! Additionally, many of them wrote wonderful notes to the child they support–which I delivered during my November visit to Tanzania. Glory was all smiles and more than ecstatic to respond to several of the students’ questions!

Earlier this week I had the privilege to return to MAST and hand deliver Glory’s responses to the students. As I thanked the students for their inspiring commitment, I reminded them that I too had been a Key Club member and president during my time high school. Dream big, kids!! Also, Key Club President Elizabeth and a Keyport Kiwanis member presented me with a check from their latest fundraiser!




Stay tuned for 2011 Highlights coming in the next few days!!

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