To the ends of the earth…and back!

Making more connections!!! … UNITE Tours

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Anne Wells, founder and CEO of UNITE. UNITE gives people the opportunity to travel to East Africa (currently Tanzania, but soon to be Rwanda too) for safaris. The unique and awesome part of UNITE is that travelers can also have “field visits,” where they meet local people and organizations…and guess what?! Tumaini Junior School is one of UNITE’s partner organizations! What does this mean?! Well, Anne and her team help to ensure that safari-goers not only see the amazing plains and animals of Tanzania but also they can meet the people and see the good work…and hopefully become part of the good work, too!

Check out the write up in the Huffington Post from last week!

UNITE’s Mission:

-Connect Americans and Tanzanian in meaningful and impactful ways

-Uplift, inspire and transform lives both at home and overseas

-Advance women’s health, education and microfinance programs

-Develop and implement powerful cross-cultural educations programs

-Combat extreme poverty and alleviate suffering

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  1. Thank you! I cannot wait to hear the news of the Warren family visit… Pole pole we WILL build an army of ambassadors!

    12/08/2012 at 18:38

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