To the ends of the earth…and back!

Made it to Tanzania…though my bags took their time!

Well friends,

I’ve safely arrived in Tanzania, yay!, though unfortunately my bags decided to take their time. Actually British Airways and Precision Air decided they should. The connection/layover in Nairobi was quite short so I nearly missed the plane myself! Worry you not I ran to the waiting plane on the Tarmac and demanded they open the doors for me. Politely of course and with lots of smiles and “samahani’s” (“sorry” in Kiswahili). Delicate, yes. Fierce, oh yeah!

After landing at Kilimanjaro airport around 1030PM, having traveled for nearly a whole day, I stayed the night at a local lodge . Walking upon the Tarmac to the airport I noticed a large amount of birds and silently thanked God they had remained on the ground as we flew in.

After reporting my missing bags, I headed to Kia Lodge and promptly enjoyed a nice warm shower. I relished being clean for a night before putting my travel clothes back on for the third day in a row…at least my body and hair were clean at some point!

I enjoyed the journey from Moshi to Arusha, where I caught a taxi for Karatu. Along the way I snapped a shot of the sunflowers filling the Tanzanian countryside!


I arrived safely in Karatu Friday afternoon and to my delight there is now a fire pit and wireless Internet at Happy Days, the local pub and oftentimes my office when needing shelter from the dust. It is quite chilly in the mornings and evenings so the past few evenings we have enjoyed fireside discussions, laughter, and recently roasted goat!


Tomorrow I will be surprising the children at the morning assembly…at 730am! Talk about a good morning!

Stay tuned for updates and more photos!! Thanks for reading!

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