To the ends of the earth…and back!

School’s (almost) Out!

End of Term

The excitement is palpable here at Tumaini Junior School.

The teachers began preparing the end of term exams several weeks ago, which another volunteer, Andrew*, and I helped to type. As we copied the Mathematics questions, I sighed audibly, grateful I did not have to calculate the division and subtraction equations dealing with fractions! I’m positive the Standard VII students scored higher than I could have!

Most of last week the children worked tirelessly to complete these exams and now are enjoying the finals days of the term before class parties this Friday! The teachers have been pouring over the exams with red pen in hand and seem equally as excited that the end of another successful term is upon us. By Thursday, the test results should be out!

For now, the afternoons are filled with echoes of laughter, interspersed with whistles, drums, recorders, singing and dancing as every grade perfects its presentations for the big September graduation once the Standard VII children complete the National Exam (more below).

*Stay tuned for more details about Andrew’s work in Tanzania


Letter Writing

Tumaini will be closed for classes most of August so I’ve have been busy meeting with students who receive sponsorship, writing letters with them as well as looking over their report books and grades. They continue to do well and excel in their classes!

Beginning next Monday, several of the sponsored children as well as ALL Standard VII pupils will remain at Tumaini for two weeks of extra tutoring. Standard VII pupils have especially been working hard for the past three months, preparing for the big National Examination. Students must pass this exam in order to continue onto secondary school. Last year, every pupil from Tumaini passed the examination!



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