To the ends of the earth…and back!

Visitors & A Library of Books!

Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers. –Charles William Eliot


Last week, as posted on Facebook, The Melrose School of Brewster, NY, donated its entire library to Tumaini Junior School! We received this fantastic connection through our friends at UNITE The World With Africa, Anne Wells, Page Bowler, and the Warren Family (UNITE TOUR Clients). Carol Hall of the Tanzania Education Corporation and Gould Academy’s Sara Shifrin packed up 80 boxes of books with the help of some volunteers, and we will begin bringing the books over in the next few months with volunteers traveling to Tanzania! Already UNITE has a number of second suitcases accounted for! If you are traveling to Tanzania and interested in carrying second suitcases on our behalf, please let me know.

In order to make room for these new books in our library, we have enlisted the help of four volunteers* from NY who are currently visiting Karatu, as well as some very eager-to-help students and our trusted librarian, Jimmy. Over the last few days, we have transformed the library and now utilize the space daily for reading lessons, craft projects such as making bookmarks and creating colorful pictures to decorate the walls, music lessons (we found a xylophone amidst the books!), singing, and for a brief time, a hair salon! The girls braided Bridget and Sadie’s hair! Needless to say, the children, teachers, and volunteers are loving it!








Earlier this week, we had the opportunity to thank the Warren family in person during their visit to Tumaini! Tracy and Andy, and their three children, Caroline, Drew and Lily, spent several hours with us as we toured the school and of course, visited the library. After a brief overview of Tumaini’s history, the children met their partners for the visit: Modesta (Class VI), Deonice (Class V), and Mary (Class IV). For the duration of the afternoon each child was glued to their partners’ side as they exchanged questions and stories about their respective homes, school experiences and hobbies. As the Warrens prepared to depart, promises of being pen pals were made so that the rich cultural exchange they experienced at Tumaini, can continue! A BIG THANK YOUto UNITEand Anne Wells for coordinating such a special visit! (Check out UNITE on Facebook)





*Our volunteers, Barb, Sadie, Bridget and Laura have all been to Tanzania before. Barb and Laura actually volunteered through Journeys of Solutions in 2010, spending time at Tumaini Junior School and Shalom Orphanage. Sadie and Bridget climbed Kili and have previously enjoyed the beautiful landscape and game parks and are thrilled to spend precious time with the children. Our girls at Tumaini are especially enjoying the volunteers’ visit!

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  1. Karen

    Flower, WOW, what an amazing contribution of so many people and organizations to help God’s most precious gifts – children. Please know you are always in my heart and prayers. Miss you much and love you more. Karen

    17/08/2012 at 14:53

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