To the ends of the earth…and back!

And we are back!

Echoes of laughter again fill our classrooms as the equatorial sun slowly appears in the afternoons. Simply, we are back and have successfully completed the first week of our last school term of the 2012 school year!!





Next Saturday, September 15, we will celebrate the Standard VII students at a special graduation ceremony! This afternoon each class rehearsed for next week’s ceremony; it was great fun! Can’t wait to post pics from the actual event next week!

Standard VII Students dancing in!

Watching the presentations!

As I stood and listened to the various poems, it felt like surround sound, as many students knew the poems and songs from their classmates’ presentations!

Standard Four in between songs!

Update from Saturday, 8 September: As the Standard VII students prepared for a joint examination with visiting Standard VII students from Mto wa Mbu, we had two more visitors check out Tumaini! They had a stop to check out the school board, learning which teachers were on duty, before seeing which movie the students watched (a Saturday treat for boarding students). They quickly moved on to another classroom before stopping in the bushes to see about some food. Classic!



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