To the ends of the earth…and back!

Graduation Day!

We celebrated graduation on Saturday, congratulating both the Standard VII and Pre-Unit pupils. The day was incredible fun for all students, teachers and especially the parents, guardians and special guests in attendance! The hard work and dedication of the students and teachers proved evident in the performances from each class, as well as songs, poems and dancing from the French Club and the choir. The Scouts opened up the ceremony, marching in sync then leading us all in the Tanzanian National Anthem.

Over the course of this week, check back daily for a new photos from the special day!

Here are a few set-up photos to get us started!!

The tent arrives on Friday evening


Banners are hung!


Balloon canopies secured into place!!


We realize we need more seating to accommodate guests–as always, the children are more than willing to help us finish setting up!


Last minute balloons brought in just moments before getting started!

Check back tomorrow for photos of the Scouts an the first few performances!!

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