To the ends of the earth…and back!

Uko nyumbani (“You’re home”)



I love the changing of seasons, especially Summer into Autumn. In 2009, 2010 and presently, I have and do sorely miss seeing the changing of the leaves and feeling the crispness in the air as I find myself in Tanzania.

Last Autumn I was able to stay home and spend quality time with my family. I snapped the above and below photos during an apple picking adventure with my father and brother.


That’s right friends, you’re never too old! We did manage to take some photos in which my loving older brother pretended to drop a pumpkin on my head. (note the disdain on his face at the photo opp!) Ah, sibling love!!


Another memorable moment was when this same strapping young man disappeared for a few minutes (we all are prone to wandering sometimes after all) and then reappeared only to present about a dozen apples from the various pockets in his coat! Dad and I especially loved that! Truly what a beautiful afternoon I’ll cherish always.

Presently, I find myself in Tanzania walking around under the equatorial sun and in the dust (the rains will come soon!), which only exacerbate this longing. That said I cannot deny how I love being here too. As I think about that crisp afternoon which ended with some skiball at the boardwalk…


(scary how alike they are!!)

…and how I miss so much about home, I cannot deny how here too feels like home.

I just arrived at the school office and after greeting the secretaries and nurse, I sat down to get to work. The nurse came in moments later with tea and with a smile said, “Uko nyumbani Eliza,” (“You’re home.”) Indeed.

The nurse and me at graduation


Thanks for the love!

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