To the ends of the earth…and back!

Happy October!!

Hello friends!

So sorry for the delay since my last update: the combination of our Internet being a bit spotty and a parasite finding my body to be most hospitable has inhibited me from telling you about all the exciting things happening at Tumaini until now. (Yes, even the parasites have caught on to how much fun I always have!)

More seriously I’m luckily feeling better though do suppose my constant claims of being a “delicate flower” are indeed irrefutable! Nevertheless, despite this recent “adventure” life has certainly continued to be busy at Tumaini Junior School! Here are some recent highlights:

First Installment of Books from the Melrose School on the Shelves of Tumaini!!

A special thanks to Liz and Ray Canning and our friends at UNITE (I’m sure you remember them…in case you don’t check out my August 17 post!) for working with TEC’s Carol Hall to facilitate the safe arrival of our first set of books from The Melrose School! The Science books and chapter books are fantastic additions to Tumaini’s shelves! We anxiously await the arrival of the other 78 boxes worth of books! SPECIAL NOTE: IF YOU WILL BE TRAVELING TO TANZANIA IN THE NEXT FEW MONTHS AND WOULD LIKE TO USE AN EXTRA BAG TO TRANSPORT BOOKS, PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!!



More letter writing!
pictured here is one of our newest sponsored students!


Water Well Updates!!

Shortly before my June 29 return to Tanzania, the water was accessed for the first time! In one afternoon of pumping, Tumaini’s 45,000+ Gallon cistern was nearly filled to the brim! On September 14, we pumped for water in preparation for Tumaini’s Graduation Ceremony on September 15, and again, we filled the cistern at a rate of approximately 15,000 liters (or 3,000 Gallons) an hour. We are now in the dry season [rains will arrive in November] so the well has proved especially invaluable for the 541 students and 40+ staff members!

Since the pump is 132 meters down, Tumaini’s current electrical capabilities are not enough. Thus, the next step of the project is the installation of the proper electricity needed for the pump and the installation of a control box. I am delighted to tell you that we have enough funds in the Water Well Project budget at Journeys of Solutions to complete this next step and anticipate its completion in the next several weeks. As a final step, once we have installed the electricity needed and the pump has a structure around it, we will do a formal naming of the water pump in my father’s honor in the coming months. Stay tuned for more updates soon!

CHECK OUT THE WATER WELL PROJECT’S GREAT PROGRESS (and the Construction progress in the background of many shots!!)

May 2011–Water Survey



June 2012–Water First Pumped




September 2012–Water Pump Safely in Place!



-Along with Tumaini’s Principal and Librarian, I led weekly tours of the school to American tourists visiting the Karatu area on safari. Within the last few weeks, scholarships for seven Tumaini students have been secured through TEC as a direct result of said tours!

-I managed a team of four volunteers from NY who divided their time between Tumaini Junior School and the nearby Shalom Orphanage Centre. On one memorable afternoon, the five of us women, with the assistance of Ms. Christine met with the Standard VII girls for a “Girl Talk.” We actually did a good deal of myth-busting! It was great fun and everyone enjoyed it!
-Tumaini received an entire library worth of book donations from The Melrose School in Brewster, NY. As you read above, we have received the first 2 of the 80 boxes which were packed up!

-Tumaini celebrated it’s 2nd Annual Graduation on 15 September. The 36 Standard VII and 74 Pre-Unit (nursery school) students were recognized for their efforts and the day was a blast!
-The Standard VII Pupils also sat for the National Examination on 19 and 20 September–a test they must pass in order to continue to secondary school in January. Last year ALL of Tumaini’s Standard VII pupils passed so we are confident the same will happen this year! School is a lot quieter now that the Standard VII pupils have left school. They will remain home until December at which time the National Exam results are published. Come January, they’ll begin Secondary school!

Check back in a few more days for October highlights and more news about some new friends at Red Sweater Project!!!

Thanks for reading!!

2 responses

  1. Shauna Lee

    How exciting! Keep up the great work and feel better!

    16/10/2012 at 22:13

  2. Lisa

    Fantastic news Elizabeth that seven more kids are getting a chance at Tumaini. Well done!

    19/10/2012 at 07:37

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