To the ends of the earth…and back!

‘Tis the Season to be Generous Part 1: Students Helping Students, Bed Nets

Over the next few days as we gear up for 2013, I look forward to sharing some stellar examples of generosity with you!

My first example:


A special thank you to high school rock stars Sara and Rebecca who are currently fundraising for bed nets for Tumaini Junior School and Shalom Orphanage Centre!

I had the privilege of meeting these dedicated students and chatting with them about their fundraising efforts several weeks ago. They are amazing!

For more information and/or to be a part of this very important project, visit here. Each bed net is just $5USD so I invite you to skip a latte or two this week and donate to help protect a child from malaria!

Asanteni sana Sara and Rebecca, and their Ecology teacher Mr. French, for welcoming me to your class and for your dedication and generosity!



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