To the ends of the earth…and back!

‘Tis the Season to be Generous Part 2: Students Exchange, Pen Pal letters

First of all, HAPPY 2013!!!

As Tumaini students gear up for their first day of school on Monday, I will make several more posts to feature some examples of generosity!

Continuing with the theme of my last post, I will again highlight the great benefits of students helping students:

In addition to my visit to Rebecca and Sara’s Ecology class to speak more about raising funds for bed nets (see previous post), I was fortunate enough to visit another high school in upstate New York where four classes of freshmen will participate in a Pen Pal exchange with Tumaini’s Standard VII students.

Prior to my December departure, Tumaini students excitedly prepared their letters and asked many questions about their NY high school freshmen pen pals.


Working hard on Pen Pal Letters

It was great fun for me to hand deliver these letters to the NY students and spend four 40-minute classes providing glimpses of life at Tumaini.

The NY students had incredible questions and seemed quite fascinated to learn more about Tumaini students. I, meanwhile, was rather taken by the use of the smart board in the classroom! What an incredible teaching aid/tool!

Watching a slideshow in between my presentation and a Q&A


Desks and chairs…note desk and chair sets are $22 each for Tumaini classrooms–we are currently looking to purchase 100!

Answering questions and explaining more about Tumaini

Check back over the weekend for more info about UNITE and some fundraising updates!

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