To the ends of the earth…and back!

And we are back for another great year!

I’ve safely arrived back in Tanzania and have some fantastic news to share with you:

Tumaini finishes FIRST (again)!!

The Standard VII National Examination results have been published and for the second consecutive year that Tumaini has had a graduating Standard 7 class, Tumaini has come out on top in the district! You may recall last year*, Tumaini was #1 in the district amongst the 90 primary schools. I am so delighted to tell you the Tumaini students and teachers have done it again–Tumaini is #1 out of the 92 primary schools in Karatu. Further, 7 of the top 10 highest scorers or 5,246 students in the district were Tumaini students. Additionally, there were 18 spots for students at National Special Secondary Schools, seven of which were awarded to Tumaini students!

Hongera sana (“Congratulations!”)

*Last year, Tumaini placed 1st out of 90 primary schools in the district, 13th out of 528 schools in the seven districts of Arusha region, and 69th out of 15,051 schools in the nation!

Change is good!
Upon my return to Karatu after a short five week stay in the US, I couldn’t believe the transformation at school: new bunk beds and mattresses for a new boy’s dorm (converted from our computer lab), the computer lab’s move closer to our library, the third floor being open for classes, a multipurpose court for basketball, volleyball and netball and more! Stay tuned in the coming days/weeks for more photo updates of the great changes!

Bunk beds and Mattresses




Multipurpose court

A nearly $5,000.00 USD project

Three out of Four
As you just read, we are now utilizing three of the four levels of our story building! We are in the process of putting windows on the third floor (each of the 20 windows needed is $170–email me if you’d like to buy a window or two for our classrooms!). Likewise, we have had new desk and chair sets added to the third floor classrooms.



Last, though certainly not least, here is a photo of 15 of the 17 students enrolled in the TEC sponsorship program in the last six months!! Nine was existing Tumaini students! Thank you for your generosity and support! Here’s to another great year of educating Tanzanian children!


One response

  1. Susan Rickert

    What great news about Tumaini! And the pictures of the grounds and new building look great. What a lot they got done while you were in the states.

    How is Bayo? I heard about the passing of his mother. So sad and unexpected at that time. Pole sana. Has Ross Wehner and the Ericcson group visited Tumaini yet? When they do, I am sure that they will be impressed.

    I am planning to have the “Into Africa” event the weekend of FEb. 16th, with Christa Williams from Ann Arbor, Rachael Fitzpatrick from Chicago, Janice Lathen from New York and Kirsten Ericson from the east coast, as well as Carol and Frank Hall, flying in for it. There will be others from closer to home and I am looking forward to having a resurgence of Africa energy coursing through my veins. It doesn’t take much!

    I know that you are a tremendous source of help and comfort to have your presence and support and expertise to help carry Bayo and Lightness through this time of grief.

    Blessings and love,


    (Susan Rickert)

    28/01/2013 at 17:43

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