To the ends of the earth…and back!

Simple Addition

A special thanks to Tuesday’s visitors for 75 brand new math sets for our students!! What a perfect way to celebrate Mathematics Week!




As you may recall, we received beautiful jerseys, shorts and socks last year from friends of Tumaini! We were thrilled to welcome these friends on Thursday! Thank you Mark and Cindy, Jon and Tina for visiting! Check out the awesome pink shirts our girls received, along with 14 or so great soccer balls and other much appreciated equipment!

Last year’s Girls Football team sporting the jerseys! The girls won 7-0 this day!

Jerseys! A special thanks to Mike Konchar and Ms Perez!!

Busy sidelines!

What a wonderful week to brush up on basic addition and the value of working together! Thank you!!

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  1. Susan Rickert

    Hi Elizabeth,

    I am so pleased to be a part of your updates! Thank you for keeping posted. Congratulations on the 75 brand new math kits and soccer uniforms and balls.

    THe “Into Africa” gathering was a real success and I met Betsy Collard and KC who are spear heading helping an orphanage outside of Karatu. There was much networking during and after the gathering and much goodwill and inspiration was the result of the event, plus some collaboration of efforts.

    Some of us, Margie Lerner, Christa Williams, Rachael Fitzpatrick, Geoffrey and LouAnn Shasken and I are very interested and supportive of Lightness’s Vocational School in Lake Eyasi.

    Rachael Fitzpatrick plans to return to Tanzania with her husband, Greg, in April and will stay for several months. She is definitely interested in making a difference and is trying to figure out how to fit in. She has some ideas which she is forming and will be returning to San Francisco later in March to talk to Gloria Upchurch, who is a dear friend of mine and has had projects in Tanzania for many years, i.e. Olmoti Clinic in Sinya more recently.

    I hope you are continuing to be happy in Karatu, especially in your very, very important role as coordinator of volunteers at Tumaini. Carol Hall is enormously fortunate to have discovered you and Bayo is an incredible recipient of your many gifts and talents unleashed on his school.

    Congratulations for all you are doing!


    Susan Rickert

    09/03/2013 at 15:36


    Long live Tumaini Junior School and Karatu community thanks for uplifting the standard of Education and Sports in this society.

    16/06/2013 at 06:38

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