To the ends of the earth…and back!

Safari time!

After a long few days of traveling, the Gould students arrived in Tanzania!

Note: due to spotty network connection, I cannot upload photos at this time; my apologies!! Photos to come soon

Once we finished morning introductions on Thursday, we headed to a project near Tengeru, where the grandmother of one of the boys(Jake) is helping to build a school! Juliette, or Granny, tirelessly works to serve the 25 Kindergarteners and 5 first graders. Dare I mention she is 80 years old?! Simply, she is amazing and we were so grateful to meet her! Jake too was thrilled!

After the drive we enjoyed a scenic drive to Karatu; the sunset was breathtaking!

This morning, prior to our safari adventure, we were at school for the morning assembly to be introduced to students and staff! We heard songs from our youngest students and visited the library too! Sara especially was delighted to return to the library and see the changes since her visit last June/July!

We made it to the Ngorongoro Crater Gate just before noon, through which we must pass to get to Oldupai Gorge and eventually the Serengeti. Shortly following, we stopped at the Lookout on the rim of the Crater and after ooo-ing and ahh-ing at the first sightings of giraffes, zebras and wildebeests, we found ourselves learning about the Footsteps of Mankind at Oldupai Gorge!

Since Tumaini students had to sit for a ward-wise examination this morning, Gould students and teachers, Mr Bayo and me eagerly awaited their arrival at Oldupai. More giraffes, zebras, and wildebeests later, we are now safely in the Serengeti. As I write this, birds and insects are buzzing beneath the starry sky while the students’ whispered questions are carried on the wind. And it should be said, I much prefer their quiet laughter to the whooping and laughing of the hyenas! Worry not parents of Gould students, we are absolutely safe and sound!

Stay tuned for more updates and photos of our continues adventures!

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  1. Tom

    Sounds like all is going well. Karibu Tanzania.

    22/03/2013 at 15:52

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