To the ends of the earth…and back!

Proving Hemingway right

First of all friends, my apologies for the posting delay–I’ve been experiencing some more than special Internet issues! Anyway! On to better things…

The last day of tuition (tutoring) is tomorrow and school will be closed for the final two weeks of April. Where did the first trimester to? . . .

Well, rather than sitting by and wondering, we’ve been hard at work with a fun and exciting task: organizing our library so that students can easily find the books of their choice! To do this, we elected three FANTASTIC children to be Tumaini’s very first Library Prefects! Friends, meet Agusto, Vivian and Yusufu!


Over the last two weeks these three rock stars have helped to inventory our books and assist in re-shelving them, alphabetically of course! Their excitement is contagious and their initial shyness has subsided in the wake of their curiosity about everything from “Are fairies really real?!” to “What happened to the Titanic?” Indeed what fun it has been for all of us!!

There is no friend as loyal as a book-Ernest Hemingway

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