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Mosquitos Be Gone

Mosquitos Be Gone!!

It seems keeping mosquitos at bay has been a theme for the past few posts…first it was the amazing students in Geneseo, NY who provided mosquito nets for all beds at Tumaini Junior School and Shalom Orphanage Centre. Now, it’s PARA’KITO! Given the rains we’ve had, I suppose it’s only natural to be especially concerned with staying malaria and itch free!

This weekend, Arusha saw its annual Karibu Fair, which brings tour companies, lodges and the like together for a weekend-long networking event. Having never been in Tanzania during this time of year, it was my first time attending.

I enjoyed perusing around the grounds and was delighted to happen upon the Para’Kito tent. What initially drew my eye was the evident environment-friendly marketing tools. The packaging screams “I AM GREEN” as did the brochures and other printed materials.


Anyway, the two gents manning this tent were displaying mosquito repellent wristbands/anklets as well as clips. The bands’ repellent pellet is made up of 7 oils and DEET free. They each last for 15 days and create somewhat of a force field (my word, not theirs!) which repels the mosquitos. There are a variety of colors for each band/clip though sadly, due to our afternoon visit, most of the fun colors (read BRIGHT and FABULOUS) were sold out. I settled on a black one, reminding myself of the Karatu dust. Speaking of which, good thing they’re 100% waterproof, made of neoprene.

While Para’Kito has a big presence in various Europeans countries and Australia, they’re not too well known in Tanzania…yet! As I sit at my desk after just being bitten by several mosquitos, I’ve now placed my bracelet on and haven’t received any more bites. You can read more about the product details here.

Enjoy friends and stay tuned for updates over the next 15 days…malaria no more, I hope 🙂

One response

  1. Kathy

    I think I will get one of these for Tim. He is always getting bit by mosquitos.

    02/06/2013 at 08:06

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