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Journeys of Solutions Fall 2016 News | 7 Years Later…

Well, the adventures have certainly continued! Personally I traveled to Mongolia in July for a three week adventure which included a 13-day horseback riding loop, attendance at various Naadam festivals and the consumption of more yak products than I could have ever imagined. Alas, I’ve always been prone to pushing the boundaries of my imagination and personal comfort! Was also grateful for a stopover in Korea where I was reunited with a dear college friend! Photos of Mongolia to come…

Most importantly, 2016 has been an eventful year for Journeys of Solutions’ Child Sponsorship Program! In fact, October marks the 7th year of our program

Back in 2009, I excitedly walked with Agness, Glory Ae., Glory Ay., Charles, Eliya, Rose V., and Rose S. to neighbouring Tumaini Junior School for their placement testing. Here’s a pic I snapped as the children whispered questions to each other and joked about the placement test as we continued along the familiar dusty road from Shalom to Tumaini. Certainly the gift of education has been a rich one and continues to provide endless possibilities to the students we support! Over the years we have watched these incredible children grow and mature into confident, young adults. A HUGE THANK YOU to our donors for such generosity and dedication to these young lives!


| THEN |


| NOW |

Also, in case you missed it*, we recently put out the Fall Newsletter See below for the blurb specific to the CSP!

*If you didn’t receive the newsletter, email me [] and we’ll add you to the distribution list. 


News from Karatu, Tanzania | Child Sponsorship Program
2016 has been another exciting and busy year (thus far!) for the CSP in Tanzania! In fact we are celebrating 7 years of supporting our students, many of whom are now in secondary schools across Tanzania!!

As you likely recall, Elizabeth returned to Tanzania last November for a brief visit with our sponsored students and partners. The children, now many young teens, had grown taller and the boys’ voices deepened. All the while their self confidence remained and continues to remain high. Simply put, through the generosity of our JOS donors, the lives of these children are immensely transformed.

FROM 19 to 11
Our CSP grew to 19 children since its beginning. In advance of the 2016 school year, we worked with one incredible JOS- and Tanzania supporter, Fiona Hall, to transition the students she has supported since 2010 to her company, All Around Tanzania. The students continue to thrive at their respective schools and enjoy visits with Fiona and other AATz folks. Our remaining eleven JOS students, all but one from Shalom, relish their moments together during holidays when they can be with their Shalom family.

In May, longtime JOS supporter and volunteer extraordinaire, beloved Mr. Tom, returned to Karatu for a two week stay. Mr. Tom spent quality time with Tumaini students and teachers alike at both the junior and secondary schools. The laptop computers he brought along were gratefully received by all, many laughs were shared too of course!

Tumaini Junior School students are just beginning their third and final school term of 2016. Our sole primary student, Shedrack is in the midst of completing Standard VI. Shed is a strong student, a class leader and fantastic athlete. He was and remains our youngest student so has surely benefited from so much time at Tumaini Junior School. He is ecstatic to become a Standard VII student come January though certainly he has been a remarkable leader and role model to his fellow students for quite some time!

Now that our secondary school students are dispersed across the country, their time in Karatu is limited. Between school holidays they excitedly return to Karatu where they visit with their Shalom brothers and sisters and even take a few tuition/tutoring courses offered by Tumaini Junior School. Our one student, Naomi, at Tumaini Senior Secondary School is loving TSSS. Most recently, the school was officially opened by ministry officials during their visit. Students are now back and excited to finish their last few months of the year.

In addition to learning new subjects like advanced chemistry and physics at secondary school, our students are also exposed to new lessons and school clubs, some learning on iPads whilst others are participating in debate club, dance and choir, and even becoming school prefects.

Finally, two of our students, Rose S and Charles E will soon sit for their Form II examinations which determine if students will matriculate to Form III. Also, 2017 will be a landmark year, as five of our students are set to sit for their Form IV exams and if passing them, they will graduate from secondary school!

With the majority of our students now in secondary school, and thus that much closer to college/university, we are in the throes of developing a college fund. This fund will enable our hardworking students to advance in their studies, be it to (two years of) A-levels, a technical school, or beyond. Elizabeth will be sharing more news on this before year-end so stay tuned! In the meantime, to learn more about this exciting development, contact Elizabeth:

It has been a privilege to journey with you and these children as they continue to pursue their respective educational endeavors.  Asanteni sana!!

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  1. Barbara Burns

    So great to see the kids again and get the updates. It creates a little ‘misty eyed’ feeling. Thank you for your dedication and work. Tke care

    05/11/2016 at 18:14

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