To the ends of the earth…and back!

2014 Adventures


The last six weeks have been challenging, to say the least.

From the moment the KLM plane flew over frozen lakes and snow-capped treetops, to the overwhelmingly expansive supermarket aisles, it became clear that an interesting journey lay ahead of my sun-soaked self.


Just north of Newark Airport


Remnants of the terrible winter the northeast experienced!

Culture shock has taken up residence, making a daily appearance as I walk around the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn, quieted by the change in my perspective. The pace and pulse of NYC exhaust though thrill me as I (attempt to) settle back into life here.


An empty street


View of lower Manhattan from the Manhattan Bridge, taken during a sunset walk home.


A slightly different view from my commute in Tanzania


Sunset whilst walking home in Tanzania

Many questions have arisen about my next steps: “Where will you work?”, “Where will you live?”, and the most common: “You’re not leaving again, right?!” A handful of caring friends have even made efforts to set me up with would-be suitors. Never a dull moment! FYI these are all fantastic questions I hope to answer soon, so stay tuned!*

A hat, anyone?!

Indeed it is most daunting to approach my future and the reality that this is the first time since 2009 that I have arrived in the US with no definitive plan to return to Tanzania for more than a visit. That said, it is quite exciting!

The ending of one chapter and subsequent beginning of a new one usually bring much reflection, so for this reason I am especially grateful for my upcoming pilgrimage: On May 18, I am flying to Spain for a three week journey along The Way, or El Camino de la Compostela. You can read more about it here!!.

Thousands have made this journey over the years. As I join these throngs, I anticipate continued adventures! Likewise I am hopeful that I’ll retain some of the Spanish I’ve been attempting to learn so that I don’t confuse those around me with my French/Kiswahili brain! Twendeni mes amigos, er, something like that!!

*Though I am no longer in Tanzania, I am still managing Journeys of Solutions’ Child Sponsorship Progam, and would be happy to answer any questions about JOS’ work!! Likewise, can answer questions about Tanzania Education Corp’s continued work in/around Karatu and/or direct you to TEC’s on the ground team!